Heaven or Hell: Which One Are You Living in Right Now?

Heaven or Hell: Which One Are You Living in Right Now?

As I sit here in self-isolation, I am enjoying what is being offered to me right now: a pause from the rigors of a daily schedule, more quality time with my family, and much needed selfcare. Consequently, my heart is flooded with a sense of gratitude and joy. In fact, I almost forget there is a pandemic going on until I have to leave my sanctuary and venture out to shop for groceries.

Once out into the world I am astounded by the fear and anxiety that some people appear to be experiencing. Why, during this pandemic, are some people experiencing heaven on earth and others a living hell?

Now I certainly acknowledge the suffering of those who have been directly affected by the virus and those who have lost their income. But what about the rest of us? Why would this forced “time out” be felt as a welcoming gift by some and a prison by others?

In his book Everything is Here to Help You, Matt Kahn claims that in order to heal our emotional density within (i.e. deep-rooted anxiety, fear, sadness, anger) we need to give ourselves “the gift of space”—a break from our daily routines and distractions. According to Matt Kahn, our hearts require these moments of spaciousness and rest to heal and align.

Those who meditate or take regular time outs from life’s routines and distractions know this gift of space and it’s benefits well. In my observation, these people tend to be the ones enjoying this forced isolation. However, for those who rarely take time to slow down and go within, this gift of space may be perceived as a nightmare as it triggers unconscious emotional density; overwhelming the person with anxiety, fear, and anger.

None of us are completely immune to the effects of this prolonged time out. Between moments of bliss, I have certainly experienced fear and anxiety around homeschooling my nine-year-old daughter. Initially I felt angry and inconvenienced. However, a deeper look within revealed the root cause and with compassion, self-love and patience I was able to transform this anxiety into an opportunity to create a greater connection with my daughter.

If you do feel overwhelmed with emotion and cannot find relief, neurofeedback can help. Neurofeedback can help you to quickly move through all the emotional density that is being triggered by this pandemic. I saw this played out in one of my clients. The first time she came for as session she was wearing what looked like a gas mask and her eyes were filled with fear. After a few sessions her anxiety lessened, and she was able to go out in the world without her gas mask. She reported that she felt calmer and more relaxed than she has felt in a long time and yet the world events had not changed!

If Matt Kahn is right and everything is a here to help us, then maybe this unprecedented time is an opportunity for healing—healing ourselves, our families, and Mother Earth. If you are finding it challenging to sustain a healthy mind and lifestyle during these unprecedented times remember that you are not alone. Support is available.

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