Just Let It Go

Just Let It Go

Most of us have all felt overwhelmed by our emotions at some time. During these emotional storms we are often told by others (or even by ourselves) to “just let it go”! For me, these words can feel like an invalidation of my emotional experience, and as a result add fuel to the emotional fire within. Trying to “let it go” it can actually make things worse.

In the past, the more I tried to “let it go”, the more I would get overrun by my emotions. So, I tried a more self-loving approach that turned out to be very effective. The next time I felt over powered by my emotions I went inside and acknowledged them, invited them in, and felt them until they let go of me!

Emotions are energy and energy needs to move. When we try and “let them go” we are essentially fighting against the emotional energy that is so intently needing to move. Fighting against anger and sadness and is a battle we cannot win. Even if we feel we have succeeded in the moment, eventually life conspires with our emotions to help move it for us.

An example of this is when we are triggered. The powerful emotional energy that erupts when we are triggered is stuffed emotions patiently waiting for their opportunity to be felt. It is easy to blame the person or situation that caused the emotional explosion to occur, however, what if they are only there to help us uncover deep wounds that we could not access ourselves? When I started seeing these people and situations as gifts instead of as problems, my whole world changed. I truly saw that life was working with me instead of against me.

Yes, it can be overwhelming and scary to look within and feel what is wanting to be felt and acknowledged. However, with patience, courage, and time these emotions will “let go of you” and you will no longer be haunted by them.

One of the best tools to help heal your emotional wounds is Neurofeedback. Neurofeedback is a powerful, non-intrusive tool to help you move emotional storms in lightening speed while still honouring them. What may normally take weeks, months or even years to move can take only a few sessions of Neurofeedback which changes the brain towards a more balanced state. To find out more contact Lesley Young 250-533-9797.